Well, we survived the storm! Our house is intact and no harm done. My heart and prayers goes out to all of those whose houses were damaged or destroyed. Steve has been working his behind off the past few days to get the people of CT’s power restored. Make sure to thank the line crews and utility workers coming out to your area… they are working as fast as they can!

On another, more trivial, note… frames.

I started a little gallery going up our stairs in September. I was relatively happy with how it turned out and always intended to keep it growing.
Photo Gallery

So on my latest trip to the great Ikea last week, I picked up a few new frames…

Now THAT is more like it! I added 4 new frames… and it made all the difference in the world. Now my baby gallery is almost a full grown gallery.

An idea I have been toying with since the beginning of the project is painting the  frames a uniform color. I kept them all unique to begin with because I didn’t want to jump into it too quickly… but I think my mind is made up that it needs to be done.

Now the question is what color… white or dark brown? I absolutely love YHL’s wall of white frames against their light gray wall. Eventually I am planning to paint the hallway a shade of muddled light gray, so white frames would really pop. On the other hand, a lot of the frames/accents in our house are dark, but maybe it would blend better with dark brown? I am just afraid that a whole lot of dark frames would really make the wall… dark. What do you all think?

Happy November!