House Tour

Welcome to our home!

Family Room

What We’ve Done: Bought our lovely Karlstad couch from Ikea and my chair from a local consignment shop. We also bought the artwork on the brown wall from Ikea… which definitely works with the size of the room. Other than that, we hung the curtains but we have not touched the paint, trim, etc.

On the radar: Paint!!

Dining Room

From This:

To this:

Chandelier - After

What We’ve Done: This room has gotten quite a few changes in the past few months. New buffets from my Grandma, artwork from a local estate sale, new rug from Ikea, and re-upholstered chairs. We have not touched the paint color… suggestions are welcome! We originally wanted to buy a new chandelier, but ended up rehabbing our old one instead!

On the radar: Curtains and paint

1st floor BATHROOM

What We’ve Done: PAINT! The color of the current laundry area was in this entire room. HUGE change.

On the radar: nada


From this:

To this:

White and Grey Stripes - Laundry

What We’ve Done: The washer and dryer was originally stacked… so we unstacked it. We painted and added shelves!

On the radar: Nada!


What We’ve Done: New Stools, Paint! The walls used to be a mid-toned olive color. With the bathroom and the kitchen right next to each other (both an olive tone) it was too much to handle.

On the radar: New pendent lights (maybe)


What We’ve Done: Paint! This room used to have a deep yellow gold-ish color. Too much for a little room to handle… especially since it doesn’t get much natural light. The color looks like a light grey here, but it is actually a soft green – Frosty Pine to be exact.

On the radar: Do something with the fireplace or brass surround.

Stair Landing

From this:

To this:

What We’ve Done: The artwork here also came from the local estate sale and the two bedside tables and chair have been shuffled around the house, finally finding a home here. We also recently swapped out the brass chandelier with a new chrome version.

On the radar: Curtains, potted plants/herbs (done)

2nd floor…. coming soon!

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