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Window coverings are such a pain in the behind, don’t you think? They are expensive and it is hard to find a pattern that can bring the whole room together in one fell swoop.

My to-do list for Fall included new window coverings… so, alas, I took the leap during my last trip to Ikea.

In the den, we had some uber drab beige curtains that came from our apartment.

Paint Chip Art

I replaced them with these Henny Rand curtains, white with brown and gray squiggles. They definitely brighten up the room, which is essential in a room with almost no natural light.

As you know, I have been trying to de-red our living room. Here is an old picture…

I snatched up these Ninni Rund curtains, which are super fancy-schmancy. I love the pattern, but I am still trying to decide if they are too shiny. The light beige definitely makes the room feel bigger. What do you think? The curtain rod will be getting a face-lift soon, as it is currently falling off the wall. Now the challenge is going to be picking a cool muted paint color that will work with these.

Finally, we come to the guest bedroom… where there were no curtains. Gasp!

I choose these fun Malin Trad curtains. Oh… and look at the cute new graphic shade on the lamp. He was a must have for $14.

From far away the curtains almost look neutral, but when you take a closer look they are actually pulling the color from the wall….

What a difference curtains can make. This room has really gone through a facelift in the past month or so. I am really liking it!

So, that’s all for now. Happy Friday and Happy November!