…don’t you think? I have made a few changes around the house lately. Nothing huge, but just enough of a change to make me smile.

I found these fantastic pillows at Target for $7.48 each on Clearance. I simply couldn’t pass them up. Since I am trying to de-red the room, it was the perfect find to move toward a cooler color palate. Say good-bye to our old lumpy red pillows.

Target Pillows - Clearance

As you can tell, Flair loves to cuddle with them….

Speaking of Flair… a few months back I grew very tired to looking at her 40lb bag of food on the floor of our bathroom. So I headed out to Homegoods with my Aunt and used a gift card to get a $30 stainless steel garbage can. It make me very happy to have found a good home for Flair’s munchies. I feel like I need to put a little sign it so guests don’t confuse it with a real garbage can :)

Finally… the guest bedroom. The medicine cabinet was still hanging around since we removed it from our master bathroom in June. I decided to repurpose the mirror by unscrewing it from the metal backing on the medicine cabinet. I painted it Semi Sweet by Valspar, which was a left over sample from my front door sample tests.

We also found a great deal on a down duvet (less than $50) on Groupon, so I snatched it up to replace our old and lumpy Target navy comforter. I’m not too worried about finding a duvet cover right away… since we don’t have anyone sleeping there. It is so amazing how much brighter and larger the room feels with a lighter shade on the bed. It almost reflects the light.

So… there we have it. Four relatively little things that make me smile.