When we moved into our house last November (holy cannoli, that was almost a year ago!), I was a bit confused about the color combo going on. Green house with Mauve-y/pink-y door. Really?

The door just disappeared into the shadows of the porch. How sad.

I have been itching to paint for the past few months, but could not find the right color. I would love a bright accent door… yellow, blue, red? Unfortunately, the avocado color of the house prevents us from being too adventurous with color. After a month of samples (yes… it takes me that long) I finally pulled the trigger.

Toasted Almond - Front Door

I choose Toasted Almond by Olympic in a Semi-Gloss. So much brighter! What a difference it makes.

Toasted Almond Front Door
I am relatively happy with the color. I was going for a bit of a deeper color that would meld better with the trim on the house. But… oh well.

I also ORB-ed all of the hardware, which contrasts really nicely with the new lighter color. It makes me a happy camper.

So that’s about it folks! If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, I have probably lost power like the rest of the east coast. :(

Who else is bracing for the storm?