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Where have I been!? What have we been up to?! In short, not too much. Our house has kind of been in a messy standstill. Steve is just finishing up the ceiling repair for the new bathroom fans. I don’t want to start our next big project, re-tiling the foyer, until that project is completely done. I have been trying to find a color to paint the dining room, but the thought is pretty overwhelming and I’m not sure I can deal with that right now :)

So, I figured I would get back into the game with a nice small project – silver leafing the inlay of the foyer table. You might remember this little guy from my $teals and Deals post from July. That’s right… $12 at Goodwill. The inlay is stretched leather. Originally I was just going to paint it, but the wood really is quite pretty…. and I’m still not sure what color I’m ultimately going for in here… so I figured a nice decorative accent would be a good way to go.

Here he is…

That’s right… I was doing this while eating popcorn and watching The Men Who Built America. It was a good night.

The cast of characters….

I started off by taping off the sides with Frog Tape to protect the wood and applied my Metal Leaf Adhesive Size with a foam brush.

After about 20 minutes…. I very- very-very carefully placed the silver leaf onto the tacky adhesive and softly brushed it. It took a few times to get this process down and, more often than not, the leaf tore. Oh well… It’s no fun to have a bunch of silver squares on a table. Patchwork is much more fun :)

After all the leaf was on, I patched what I could and applied two coats of a water-based sealer for metal leaf. Don’t forget to seal it!!

I used my handy-dandy Liquid Gold to clean up the wood… and there we have it…

Woohoo! I absolutely love it.

The whole project ended up costing about $30. Totally worth it and very easy.

What kind of fun/easy projects are you guys up to?