Hey there! It’s been a while!

I was out and about last week in Atlanta for a conference and was caught in a whirlwind when I got back. But alas… I am back and ready to show you some photos of the new and improved pantry!

Originally, our closet was a storage area for boxes… in other words, it was completely useless. Since our kitchen is a bit tight on space, I wanted to clean out the closet and make it more pantry friendly.

Last we saw the pantry it looked like this:

Peach anyone? Plus the old orangey-brown tile screamed 70s/80s.

Two coats of bright white and new vinyl tile brings us to the finished product…

Brighter and friendlier. I heart storage.

This was my first experience in tiling… but being that it is vinyl, it was a nice introduction. I used the peel and stick tiles. I have heard mixed reviews about them, but I figured that there isn’t going to be any walking on these ones, so it should be fine. I wanted to add some pops of color in here somehow and some accessories to that front facing white wall, but… it’s a pantry and it’s in the basement. I have bigger fish to fry now :)

Not too shabby. I only botched one tile on my first cut and everything else was smooth sailing :)

Total budget for this project was $12. All I had to buy was the tile. Paint was left over from another project. Now that is my kind of update.

Our next tiling project is going to be legit… our front foyer. Woohoo!

What has everyone else been up to lately? I’m still catching up on everything in the blogosphere since my hiatus…