Shut The Front Door

When we moved into our house last November (holy cannoli, that was almost a year ago!), I was a bit confused about the color combo going on. Green house with Mauve-y/pink-y door. Really?

The door just disappeared into the shadows of the porch. How sad.

I have been itching to paint for the past few months, but could not find the right color. I would love a bright accent door… yellow, blue, red? Unfortunately, the avocado color of the house prevents us from being too adventurous with color. After a month of samples (yes… it takes me that long) I finally pulled the trigger.

Toasted Almond - Front Door

I choose Toasted Almond by Olympic in a Semi-Gloss. So much brighter! What a difference it makes.

Toasted Almond Front Door
I am relatively happy with the color. I was going for a bit of a deeper color that would meld better with the trim on the house. But… oh well.

I also ORB-ed all of the hardware, which contrasts really nicely with the new lighter color. It makes me a happy camper.

So that’s about it folks! If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, I have probably lost power like the rest of the east coast. :(

Who else is bracing for the storm?


I’m a Fan Fanatic



They are finally here… Fans for the bathrooms! Who is excited?!

When I “revealed” my little stage 1 bathroom reno in September, I mentioned that next steps to get the bathroom functional and keep it mold-free would be to install a bathroom fan. So Steve has been busting his bum for the past few weeks to get these up and running.

Master Bath - Bathroom Fan

We choose a Broan 2.5-Sone 80 CFM White Bath Fan from Lowes for $88. Our bathroom is tiny, so we didn’t technically need anything over 50 CFM, but we decided we liked more power. *Mwahahaha*

Steve decided that since he was going to be up in the attic rolling around in the insulation and cutting holes in the side of the house, he might as well kill to birds with one stone. Thus, we decided to install a fan in our guest bathroom as well.

Guest Bath - Bathroom Fan

Oh hey… welcome to our guest bath! I don’t think I’ve posted anything on this… and with good reason. It’s fugly. Seriously.

We aren’t going to need to do any ceiling repair in the guest bath but there is a little spackle work that needs to be done in the master. That’s right… Steve is awesome.

So part one of this adventure is done. The fans are attached to the house and wired. Next step is to run the exhaust vents. It’s not glamorous work, but it needs to be done. We are so lucky that Steve is able/willing to do these types of projects instead of subbing them out. I heart saving $$.

Anyone else installed any bathroom fans? Any advise on how to run the exhaust pipes?


P.s. This is our 100th post!! Thanks to all of our readers for continuing to follow our journey. Love you guys :)

What I’m lovin’…


…besides you :)

For those of you that read this little blog via email updates or Google Reader, pop on over to a browser once in a while to check out what we are liking in our sidebar. I just updated it with some new goodies and made a handy-dandy mini mood board.

Modern Floral Living Room - Derby Green[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [Paints are by Olympic – Cannon GreyCandlelit Beige, Derby Green]

Shall we call it Modern Floral? I am absolutely loving the floral watercolor from Etsy… and that chair and a half from Crate and Barrel is just begging for a good book and cup of tea.

What are you guys loving this month?


This is not a paid endorsement for any of the linked products. All OPINIONS are my own.

It’s the little things…

…don’t you think? I have made a few changes around the house lately. Nothing huge, but just enough of a change to make me smile.

I found these fantastic pillows at Target for $7.48 each on Clearance. I simply couldn’t pass them up. Since I am trying to de-red the room, it was the perfect find to move toward a cooler color palate. Say good-bye to our old lumpy red pillows.

Target Pillows - Clearance

As you can tell, Flair loves to cuddle with them….

Speaking of Flair… a few months back I grew very tired to looking at her 40lb bag of food on the floor of our bathroom. So I headed out to Homegoods with my Aunt and used a gift card to get a $30 stainless steel garbage can. It make me very happy to have found a good home for Flair’s munchies. I feel like I need to put a little sign it so guests don’t confuse it with a real garbage can :)

Finally… the guest bedroom. The medicine cabinet was still hanging around since we removed it from our master bathroom in June. I decided to repurpose the mirror by unscrewing it from the metal backing on the medicine cabinet. I painted it Semi Sweet by Valspar, which was a left over sample from my front door sample tests.

We also found a great deal on a down duvet (less than $50) on Groupon, so I snatched it up to replace our old and lumpy Target navy comforter. I’m not too worried about finding a duvet cover right away… since we don’t have anyone sleeping there. It is so amazing how much brighter and larger the room feels with a lighter shade on the bed. It almost reflects the light.

So… there we have it. Four relatively little things that make me smile.


Peach-less Pantry



Hey there! It’s been a while!

I was out and about last week in Atlanta for a conference and was caught in a whirlwind when I got back. But alas… I am back and ready to show you some photos of the new and improved pantry!

Originally, our closet was a storage area for boxes… in other words, it was completely useless. Since our kitchen is a bit tight on space, I wanted to clean out the closet and make it more pantry friendly.

Last we saw the pantry it looked like this:

Peach anyone? Plus the old orangey-brown tile screamed 70s/80s.

Two coats of bright white and new vinyl tile brings us to the finished product…

Brighter and friendlier. I heart storage.

This was my first experience in tiling… but being that it is vinyl, it was a nice introduction. I used the peel and stick tiles. I have heard mixed reviews about them, but I figured that there isn’t going to be any walking on these ones, so it should be fine. I wanted to add some pops of color in here somehow and some accessories to that front facing white wall, but… it’s a pantry and it’s in the basement. I have bigger fish to fry now :)

Not too shabby. I only botched one tile on my first cut and everything else was smooth sailing :)

Total budget for this project was $12. All I had to buy was the tile. Paint was left over from another project. Now that is my kind of update.

Our next tiling project is going to be legit… our front foyer. Woohoo!

What has everyone else been up to lately? I’m still catching up on everything in the blogosphere since my hiatus…