I am indecisive. If you have ever seen our walls before we paint, they are covered with at least 5 paint samples…. usually leaning more towards 10. When we go out to eat, I’m the last person to decide what they are eating. Back when Blockbuster was around, it took at least 30 minutes to pick out a movie. It’s just the way it is.

So deciding on where to place artwork is really a process. Especially in rooms we have already painted… since I really don’t want to patch up a rogue nail hole.

Since we moved in to the house in November, I have been staring at a pile of artwork, frames, mirrors and anything else that is wall-worthy. And the pile just keeps growing. It’s slightly embarrassing….

This is the side of the dining room that I refrained from posting. It is a sort of Limbo, if you will. How sad. Look at that gorg mirror with the wooden inlays! Still waiting for a home. That piece of fabric hanging over a canvas… what fabulous colors!

These two beauties are actually from a Goodwill trip that I took with my Aunt this last weekend. $8 a piece. Ca-ching! Where they are going…. no clue.

In an attempt to reduce the size of this limbo pile… because limbo is only so big… I filled two previously blank walls and mixed some things up. I threw up a photo collage and a Norman Rockwell that I have been hanging on to for a while…

The red wreath that was above the book case was placed on the opposite wall, which was previously blank.

Filled with all sort of wedding goodness.

Perhaps I will actually put Rockwell on the wall if I’m feeling dangerous.

I also threw up a mirror on the previously blank the dining room wall, which is actually a contender to be placed in the master bath. Of course, that project is moving at the speed of a sloth… so it’ll be fine here for a while.

In the next few weeks, I will attempt to make some decisions about the other items still in the great abyss that is my dining room floor. Attempt is the key word here.

Anyone else have a limbo for artwork or other decor goodies?!