At the end of each season, Target takes all of their products from the previous season and dumps them into an aisle. The Clearance Aisle.

The clouds part. The angels sing. *sigh*

I happened upon this phenomena last week and found so many goodies! I was like a kid in a candy store. After my initial awe faded, I zeroed in on the frame section. Perfecto! My haul:

The two small wooden frames ($1.78 each) and the white shadow box ($2.68) are for my Wall-o-Frames that I am planning for the stairway. I have been collecting cheap frames whenever I see them… so hopefully I can start putting that collection together in the next few months.

The five frames for 8×10 photos (including matting) were $2.98 each. I am planning to arrange these on one of the many blank walls around the house.

Total cost – $22.48! The non-clearance price of these goodies comes out to $71. Woot woot!

I love Target.