Last week I posted about our newly found rotten siding… and how much we love fixing it.

Well, without further ado… our finished product:

Look at that! How awesome is my husband? And… even the paint matches! Luckily the previous owners left the stain for us. It’s almost as if they knew we would have to replace the siding. Hmmm…. :)

To make sure water wasn’t going to seep into house, we made sure to caulk all the little crevices (with silicone caulk!).

So you might be asking yourself… “Hey Christine… why is there duct tape on your window?” Decorative purposes of course!

We noticed a few weeks ago that some of the windows were not closing all the way and were actually a bit crooked. So we went to our local Lowes to find some weatherstripping to close the gap and prevent water from coming in (we had noticed some water damage under the windows, but couldn’t catch it in action).  We had some torrential downpours last Friday. I came onto the porch, checking up on the caulking job, the weatherstripping and making sure everything was A-OK. NOT! Water was pouring in through two of our windows!

Did I mention I love my porch?

Turns out that by adding the weatherstripping we blocked the little drains that drain the water. Oops. I removed the weatherstripping, hoping that would solve the problem. More rain on Monday proved that water was still coming in. Temporary solution… duct tape.

Adding a gutter will definitely help the situation, as well as cleaning out the gutters on the main roof line, since it overflows onto the porch roof. I have no idea what else we are going to do. Suggestions anyone?

Fun fun! Anyone else out there dealing with water problems? Window problems? Rooms that just don’t stop dishing out projects?