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Finding a paint color for the Den was not an easy task. It had to be something that would go with the carpet, the trim and *dun duh duh* the fireplace. The previous color on the walls was a deep yellowish-gold. Way too dark and WAY to much color for this little space (in my opinion). So we bought sample paint after sample paint. So. Many. Paint Samples.

We finally settled on this light greeny-grey called Frosty Pine, which tones down the fireplace and goes well with the other elements in our room. The problem started when I tried to decorate. It is easy to find lime green decor… it is all the rage, especially in summer. But it is hard to find art or decorations similar to the Frosty Pine color. Enter DIY Paint Chip Art.

Yesterday, I mentioned my failed attempt at DIY artwork. It wasn’t pretty. But I was determined to make this work. I used some paint chips from the colors surrounding Frosty Pine. I also pulled some Navy and Gold, since those are my accent colors in the room. I had the frame and matting from my Estate Sale extravaganza… I think it was $5.

Finding a pattern that I liked was not as easy as I thought it would be. Two nights of playing around with little paint chips. But here we are….

Paint Chip Art

This is such an easy project and a way to bring a little modern flare into your home. Simple cut the paints chips and use double sided tape or a tape loop.

I really like the colors and the pattern I chose… it is an EASY way to bring everything together. I also LOVE that we finally have something to fill that space in back of the couch! The best part of this project. Total cost = $5. Ca-ching!

DIY Paint Chip Art

Not too shabby!

Anyone else had success with DIY artwork lately? Tips on how to complement your wall colors with the rest of your decor? I’m thinking some decorative pillows could do the trick?