Welcome to our guest bedroom! Not much too it… and up until a few weeks ago it almost completely empty.

Last week, I mentioned the addition of our new coffee table and chair. I would be remise not to mention to addition of a piece of furniture with a long history. Meet our new dresser:

This dresser started it’s journey in the 1930s, where it sat in my Grandma and her brother’s bedroom. It made it through their childhood with barely a scratch! Eventually it sat in my bedroom when I was little. The evidence…

This little duck (or pelican?) was placed there by my 3 or 4 year or self. I’m impressed it lasted this long! Henceforth, this will be called “The Duck Dresser”. After my childhood the dresser made it’s way back to my grandparent’s house, where it has been sitting in my Grandpa’s closet ever since. My Grandma graciously gave us this dresser with the blessing to make it our own! Once we attack this room, I am sure this will get a nice coat of white paint :)

While we are talking about our guest bedroom, let me show you the rest of it…

I am not a huge fan of this dark teal color (it actually doesn’t look as bad in these pictures). The combination of the dark paint, dark trim, dark comforter and lack of light make this room pretty drab. Hoping to paint it in the next few months to brighten it up a bit.

I got a little DIY crazy a month or so ago – inspired by this on Pinterest – and painted this canvas. It was originally planned for our Master Bedroom, but I wasn’t completely thrilled with it… thus it ended up here.

Any other new additions? Failed DIY art? Hope I’m not the only one!